I have a lower back pain and hip pain just during walking. I cannot walk for more than 10 minutes, because it starts to hurt a lot and I have to sit down and don´t move. I´m really desperate. Do you have any idea what could be the problem, p lease? Thank you for the answer.

Hi Katy,

You haven’t given me much to go on there (age/cause of onset/exact locations of pain etc) but your symptoms could be due to a range of causes:

-osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine and/or hip

-strain/sprain injury of the lumbar spine


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i had a sports massage last week to try to help with tightness ive been having in my legs and the day after my lower back went ‘solid’ and ive not been able to walk properly. i was ok seated but struggled to straighten out. its eased this week with some stretches to a specific pain in the bottom left side of my back and is especially painful when my right leg is weight bearing. do you think you can help?

Hi Jamie,

I’m pretty sure we can help to loosen you up. That kind of thing has happened to me after a massage as well! Lying in the same position for too long can cause the low back to tighten up if you are unlucky!



HelloI have had lower back pain for several years and visited an osteopath on several occasions. Although there is pain relief following my visits it never seems to be anything long term and the pain always returns. This year I have also had a sharp stabbing pain in my very lower leg just above my ankle which my doctor diagnosed as sciatica. I am taking gabapentin as prescribed by my doctor but would like to know if this is something a chiropractor could help with? Thank you

Hi David,

If you have had a low back problem for several years then you are probably going to get pain from it sometimes.

Research has shown that 80% of us will get low back pain at some point in our lives and that if the first episode is promptly …

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