I am 23 weeks pregnant and work at a desk 10 hours a day. Over the last few weeks I have been getting a pain in my tailbone, like it is bruised. It is getting progressively worse to the point where I dread getting up or sitting down.I have tried changing chairs and got a pillow but its not working. Is there anyway you can help it or is it another pregnancy symptom that I have to put up with? Thanks.


Your symptoms are indeed probably due to pregnancy affecting the pelvic ligaments. Specifically, the hormone Relaxin causes pelvic ligaments to ‘soften’ and then allow more movement at joints, not just in the pelvic area but throughout the bo…

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I have been getting some tingling/pins and needles in my thumb and first two fingers of my left hand, especially when i bend down of forward. I think I have some nerve compression.Is this something that a chiorpractor could treat??

Hi Nick,

Yes, this is the kind of thing that we treat.

It does sound like nerve compression, of the C6 nerve root, probably in your neck. Alternatively, it might be a peripheral compression of your radial nerve but our initial examination …

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Hi I fell down the stairs about 3 years ago since then I have been treated for sciatica which hasn’t worked now am being treated with massage and acupunture on my gluteus maximus ? It stopped the muscle spasms that I was having in my left side and down my legs and the numbness and the pain I was having in my left glute. Now I have it in my right glutes with pains in my thighs could you do anything for this? I have spent hundreds in physio to be in more pain than when I started!

Hi Lisa,

Sorry about your predicament!

In my opinion, you need a thorough examination, possibly including x-rays or MRI (that would be dictated by what the examination uncovers) before I could answer your question fully.

For treatment to have any …

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