Hi, I was doing some weights the other day, while I was deadlifting I felt a pop in my lower back. I’ve had this happen before. I now struggle to get into certain positions without feeling my back will give way. Please help.

Hi Gavin,

You probably allowed your lumbar spine to flex slightly when you lifted (easily done) and thus either injured one of the little facet joints in your low back or possibly damaged a disk.

I don’t know which of those scenarios has occured as…

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You know how people can “crack” their knuckles. Well my back does this a lot if I stretch or twist. I have a lot of issue with lower back pain. Could I be misaligned after years of this “cracking”? Can this be fixed? Many thanks

Hello Chris,

Yes, it is probably possible to settle your back down but don’t expect instant improvement if you have had the problem for years. It will take time-probably a few months to get maximum benifit from the treatment since the damag…

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My upper back between my shoulder blades hurt and pop when I roll my shoulders back. Is it common? Is it from bad posture when sitting or sleeping? Or is it from previous injuries?

Hi Violette,

The popping noise is created when you get ‘cavitation’ in synovial joints (which we have between the vertebrae in our spines).

Sometimes when you move a joints surfaces apart more than they normally move, you get a click. If some of yo…

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