My 16 year old daughter has noticed that her waist is higher on one side than the other. Her backbone appears perfectly straight. She always Carrys a heavy bag to school on one shoulder and wonder if that could have caused some alignment problem. She has also been suffering from severe headaches for over a year. Could this all be related?

Hi Dawn,

Yes it could all be related.

The waist height difference is probably due to a difference in the length of the bones in her legs but it is possible that she has what people sometimes call a ‘twisted pelvis’.

The stresses on her spine from …

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I am 56 and in very good physical shape. I train 3 times a week. I done a tough metabolic session on Tuesday and i think I trapped a nerve in my neck. I have trouble turning my neck. And I am experiencing shooting headaches on both sides of my head.

Hi, you probably haven’t trapped a nerve in your neck since you aren’t reporting any pins & needles or numbness into your arm(s)……..which is good news!

All you have done (based on the information you have supplied) is, for want of a…

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