Can you help with a hiatus hernia?I am asking on behalf of my partner who has a hiatal hernia/bad reflux.Some websites/someone from a support group said that maybe a chiropractor could help?Thanks

Hello Nicola,

I might be able to help with the hiatus hernia & reflux. A combination of advice and a manual therapy (not chiropractic) technique I have learnt often helps.

It’s a case of trying it and seeing if there is any improvement…

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I am a fifty year old main with a hiatus hernia, my work is very physical which exacerbates my condition. I was told that a chiropractor may be able to help?

Hello James,

I have a manual therapy technique that does sometimes reduce a hiatus hernia but it’s something that isn’t strictly ‘chiropractic’ so many chiros wouldn’t know of it. In addition I offer lifestyle advice to minimize it’s recurr…

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