in my right ring finger a football was hit against it dead on and then it straightened. i tied it to my middle finger thinking that the paint was just bruising or something because this has happened before but now a year later my first knuckle on my right ring finger hurt when i push down on my second knuckle closer to the palm. (the first knuckle is the second from the finger tip and the second knuckle is the closest to the end)

Hi Dominic,

I’m not sure what your question is here but from your description of the injury I would advise you to go and see your GP, get an x-ray and perhaps get referred to an orthopedic specialist.



Ok, I’m 5’9, i weight 155lbs, and i have never taken any medication. I was playing basketball one day, and I took a hard fall on my left hip. As a result of the fall, I endured an injury to my spine which knocked some pieces of my spine out of place, as a result, this left me with one leg being longer than the other, because of the imbalances of my spine. I’ve seen a chiropractor about 10 times, going through a treatment called “sublixation” and he tells me that I am close to recovering; Maybe after about 5 more visits, ill be done. But I’ve started playing basketball again, in attempt to try to regain my conditioning. I’ve just been training, no contact or live games. My question is, is there any harm I could do to my back, if I’m just training? Sometimes, after a training session, i feel some soreness, in my left hip, sometimes in my right hip. My chiropractor says not to worry about it, that will happen because I’m not fully recovered, and that there’s nothing I could do to reinjure my spine by just training, but sometimes the soreness I experience puts a doubt in my mind, so my question is, My question is, is there any harm I could do to my back, if I’m just going through my basketball training? also, I haven’t seen my chiropractor in 2 weeks, so that also scares me a little.

Hi Robert,

This is a tough one to answer as I haven’t examined or treated you!

All I can say is that your chiropractor is probably correct in what he is saying. Discuss your concerns with him so that he can put your mind at ease.

With reg…

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I have been reading about the benifits of wearing Posture Control Insoles in shoes. I have very ”knock” knees and experience ankle, hip, back and shoulder problems. Are you able to advise at all on this?

Hi Emma,

I am able to advise on those matters.

You need a proper biomechanical assessment as well as a full case history. This would enable me to determine exactly what’s going on and hopefully work out the best way to relieve your symptom…

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I have a lower back pain and hip pain just during walking. I cannot walk for more than 10 minutes, because it starts to hurt a lot and I have to sit down and don´t move. I´m really desperate. Do you have any idea what could be the problem, p lease? Thank you for the answer.

Hi Katy,

You haven’t given me much to go on there (age/cause of onset/exact locations of pain etc) but your symptoms could be due to a range of causes:

-osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine and/or hip

-strain/sprain injury of the lumbar spine


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