I’ve been having problems with my left ankle swelling up and eventually starts sending pain up my leg especially the more I am on it. I have had x-rays and ultra sound done and nothing was found. Not sure where to go from here do you think maybe seeing my chiropractor would be helpful?

Hi Kirstie,

I definitely think that seeing a chiropractor would be helpful!

It sounds obvious but you actually need two things from someone like a chiropractor. The first is an accurate diagnosis of the injury, the second is effective treatment of …

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Hello am a 38 year old female suffering with lower back and hip ache recent x ray showed the hip to be fine and only mild degeneration in facet joints it also said on the report reversal of lumbar lordosis is noted. I am waiting for a course of injections however I am wondering if a chiropractor would be of help Thank you in advance


I think that chiropractic would definitely help. The reversal of your lumbar lordosis is probably due to muscle spasm and spinal manipulation is usually very good at settling that down.

Facet joint ‘degeneration’ generally leads to reduced mobi…

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My wife has been suffering with lower back pain since the birth of our daughter (her 4th child). We have bought a new bed with an orthopaedic mattress, she has had massages, but the pain persists. Do you think chiropracty might help relieve this pain and be a suitable treatment?

Hi Richard,

It’s probably a joint/ligament problem which we see a lot of and usually successfully treat.

The chiropractor would however  have to take a case history & examine her before they would decide if treatment is appropriate.

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The finger joints of my hand are painful and most of the fingers are triggering. It has been difficult for me to use my hand/fingures to catch or pull anything it hurts alot. I am not sure if you can help me with my problem. Can You please suggest me. Thanks

Hi Ganesh,

I’d need to know more about you before I could answer your question specifically.

However, I’m happy to give you some of my thoughts on this……

How old are you? If you are elderly then it could be simply due to osteoarthritic changes…

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Q: My neck feels really stiff to the point where i feel discomfort everyday. Also, it would slightly hurt when i turn my neck around. The discomfort is really bad, to the point where i have become a chronic neck cracker. Are there any tips on relieving neck pain at home? And should i see a chiropractor?

A: Firstly, don’t ‘crack’ your own neck! The ‘crack’ you elicit is from extra joint movement (past the ‘normal’ range of motion ) and you are ‘cracking’ already hyper-mobile (too mobile) joints. Those joints are hyper-mobile usually because there are…

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