I have been reading about the benifits of wearing Posture Control Insoles in shoes. I have very ”knock” knees and experience ankle, hip, back and shoulder problems. Are you able to advise at all on this?

Hi Emma,

I am able to advise on those matters.

You need a proper biomechanical assessment as well as a full case history. This would enable me to determine exactly what’s going on and hopefully work out the best way to relieve your symptom…

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Hi. Just enquiring if you could do anything about this. Had an op on my knee about 4months ago and now i have muscle spasms where my leg just stays straight. Especially when i’m tense or whilst driving. I exercise everyday and this helps it but as soon as i wake up in the morning my leg especially my knee is stiff again. Struggling to go up and down stairs and the front of my knee is sore unless i exercise.Thanks

Hello Greg,

I have no idea if I can help! I need a lot more information: Exactly what operation you had on your knee (and why), how old you are, your past medical history etc…..

Then I’d need to examine not just your knee but your low back, pelvi…

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