I’ve been In pain for years with neck and back I’m suffering with what they is carpal tunnel at moment I also have lot of pain when Ive been sitting for a while and try to get up I’m in pain I’m bus driver I had head on Collsion in 2007 and been suffering since been pyhiso but not much helps don’t know where to turn

Hi Rosemary ,

Chiropractic treatment should be able to help you feel better but it will probably take a little while because you have had this injury for 8 years.

A thorough examination will be able to locate the sites of injury so that tr…

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I have been getting some tingling/pins and needles in my thumb and first two fingers of my left hand, especially when i bend down of forward. I think I have some nerve compression.Is this something that a chiorpractor could treat??

Hi Nick,

Yes, this is the kind of thing that we treat.

It does sound like nerve compression, of the C6 nerve root, probably in your neck. Alternatively, it might be a peripheral compression of your radial nerve but our initial examination …

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