Hi, I was doing some weights the other day, while I was deadlifting I felt a pop in my lower back. I’ve had this happen before. I now struggle to get into certain positions without feeling my back will give way. Please help.

Hi Gavin,

You probably allowed your lumbar spine to flex slightly when you lifted (easily done) and thus either injured one of the little facet joints in your low back or possibly damaged a disk.

I don’t know which of those scenarios has occured as…

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There is a small central/right paracenral caudally migrated disc touching the right S1 nerve root noted. There is however no significant neural compression identified. My doctor just told me about the slipped disc and not much helpful information. From the description above, what should be done? I hope to hear from you.

Hi Karanveer,

You may need to have surgery on that but before you do, please try chiropractic treatment. I have helped many people with that type of injury to recover back to feeling normal. There are no guarantees but it’s certain…

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