in my right ring finger a football was hit against it dead on and then it straightened. i tied it to my middle finger thinking that the paint was just bruising or something because this has happened before but now a year later my first knuckle on my right ring finger hurt when i push down on my second knuckle closer to the palm. (the first knuckle is the second from the finger tip and the second knuckle is the closest to the end)

Hi Dominic,

I’m not sure what your question is here but from your description of the injury I would advise you to go and see your GP, get an x-ray and perhaps get referred to an orthopedic specialist.



My upper back between my shoulder blades hurt and pop when I roll my shoulders back. Is it common? Is it from bad posture when sitting or sleeping? Or is it from previous injuries?

Hi Violette,

The popping noise is created when you get ‘cavitation’ in synovial joints (which we have between the vertebrae in our spines).

Sometimes when you move a joints surfaces apart more than they normally move, you get a click. If some of yo…

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