Hi KrisIve had all the symptoms of sciatica for the past 2 months. Ive been exercising lightly and trying stretches to try and help the problem myself but it seems to be getting worse. Is this something you could diagnose and treat?

Hello Gavin,

If by ‘sciatica’ you mean a pain in the leg and/or buttock then yes, we are able to diagnose the problem. Whether we can treat it depends on the exact cause of the symptoms.

We usually do help with this type of thing though so give us …

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I’m currently suffering from shoulder pain when exercising weightlifting i’ve dislocated it before in the past the other week my friend punch me hard in the shoulder since then when I raised my arm it hurts at the top of the shoulder if you could get back to me soon as would be great thanks James

Hello James,

I’m not sure what you want to here know but it sounds like you have definetly got some rotator cuff injury but you might have ligamentous damage as well due to the previous dislocation.

You need somebody who is capable of examining sho…

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