I’m not sure about the effectiveness of the treatment methods

Hi, my name is Kinn. I’m currently under treatment by a local chiropractor, however I’m not sure about the effectiveness of the treatment methods. My problem is that i have uneven shoulders, i did a full spine xray scan and it shows that my left collarbone is higher than my right, my chiropractor also pointed out that my hip bone is slightly out of alignment(the xray shows one side of the hip bone rotated towards the center more than the  other). But other than that i have no scoliosis on the spine  . My chiropractor has recommended some exercises for me to strengthen my back muscles and to improve posture, but it does not seem like my shoulder is getting any better, it is affecting the way i exercise as i have been told to lay off pull ups/ chin ups to prevent developing the muscles in a wrong way. Hope you can help, thanks for hearing me out

Hi Kinn,

Lots of issues here but the overarching one is that you really need to sit down with your chiro and have a full and frank discussion about your concerns.

Phone the clinic and ask to be booked in for a sit down talk with the chiro. This will give him or her a chance to explain what they are trying to acheive and where you are in that process, enabling you to understand what is going on and see if your concerns are unfounded or if you are correct in worrying about where the treatment is going.

The effects of treatment can take a while to ‘kick in’, sometimes a week or three so do be patient.

I tell all of my patients that the first 6 treatments are a trial to see if chiropractic can help their problem, if there is an improvement then I’m happy to continue. If not, then I stop treating them.

I hope this helps.


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