Q: My neck feels really stiff to the point where i feel discomfort everyday. Also, it would slightly hurt when i turn my neck around. The discomfort is really bad, to the point where i have become a chronic neck cracker. Are there any tips on relieving neck pain at home? And should i see a chiropractor?

A: Firstly, don’t ‘crack’ your own neck! The ‘crack’ you elicit is from extra joint movement (past the ‘normal’ range of motion ) and you are ‘cracking’ already hyper-mobile (too mobile) joints. Those joints are hyper-mobile usually because there are other hypo-mobile (less mobile) joints nearby in your neck. It’s the hypo-mobile joints that need ‘cracking’.

The ‘crack’ is simply the sound of bubbles of nitrogen forming & popping in the synovial fluid in the joint(s) as a result of the extra movement.

The reason you don’t want to ‘crack’ the already loose joints is because they are already too mobile (which is why you can ‘crack’ them yourself). Repeatedly loosening already loose joints may eventually result in osteoarthritis. A chiropractor would identify the hypo-mobile joints in your neck and loosen those, leaving the others alone to settle down. That would relieve your discomfort.

I can’t really recommend any home exercises at this point because I am not in possession of the full facts of your case (age, reason for onset, exact location of discomfort etc.)

You can always ring in and book a ‘free chat’ if you like and get some more info!


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