Kris Krumins

Kris Krumins Chiropractor

Kris Krumins B.Sc. DC

Kris graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Since then he has married, had two children, opened 4 clinics and gained a lot of practical knowledge and hopefully some wisdom along the way!

He is passionate about finding the root cause of each patient’s problem and addressing that as well as the pain that prompted the patient to come in for treatment. Over the years he has found, time and again, that in order to treat an injury properly, all of its contributory factors must be addressed.

This means that lifestyle factors such as posture, poor bending/lifting technique/core muscle condition & ergonomic factors as well as simply the original cause of the pain/injury must be investigated and in many cases corrected.

Unfortunately, modern mainstream medicine usually simply addresses the pain and rarely looks deeper for its cause. This attitude over the last few decades has resulted in a ‘quick fix’ attitude to musculoskeletal injuries, resulting in incomplete injury healing and high rates of relapse.

Kris often tells his patients “Getting the pain to go is (usually) fairly easy. Stopping it from coming back is the hard part”.

He has spent considerable time & effort over the years in postgraduate education to learn about the science and art of helping the patient to look after themselves in the long run.

He believes that this approach is more effective at improving, and more importantly, maintaining the patients overall wellbeing than the old ‘just make the pain go away’ attitude.