Pelvis rotation/injury

Hey there Kris,

I’d really appreciate your feedback! :)

I’m 28 years old (female) and have had problems with my pelvis area for the last few years – cause unknown. I haven’t yet seen a chiropractor but previous doctors have told me we are likely looking at a rotation in my pelvis.

The symptoms became most noticeable after rigorous exercise and seem to flare up regularly.

Symptoms often include pain or aching around my pelvis, radiating to my hips, thighs, my spine, right up into my neck. The dull ache can feel almost feverish and runs through my arms and into my calf muscles. My balance becomes altered and I have sensations of dizziness or lightheadedness aswell as pressure around my eyes and the base of my skull. I’ll often have nausea along with this and diarrea for several days. I also notice my nervous system feels affected and my nerves feel raw – problems thinking, focusing, and feeling a little disoriented/dissociated.

As I mentioned, sometimes overly vigorous exercise seems to set this off. I took a bang to my pelvis/tail bone a few months ago causing a black bruise and the symptoms went into overdrive again.

I’m sure I need to have this properly examined soon but I’d appreciate your expertise. Could a pelvic rotation or injury cause these types of symptoms, including agitation to the nervous system and is there anything you’d recommend to ease them?

Many thanks again!

Wow! That’s a load of symptoms!

I suppose that a pelvic injury could cause all that to occur, but you would have to be on the unluckier end of the patient spectrum!

You really need someone like me to give you a full pelvic, spinal and neurological examination to gather together as much information about you as possible and see if anything correlates with your symptoms.

It’s important to not overlook the fact that you could be suffering from something non spine/pelvis related as well. A pelvic/gyne infection or a systemic illness.

There is an answer out there, leave no stone unturned!


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