Advice re Chair

Hello, are you able to recommend a chair for work from home which provides good support for the neck and back. There are so many on the market, lots of differing reviews, so difficult to ascertain which one is worth buying. Thank you.

Hi, I use a Herman Miller Aeron at home which can have a head/neck support added to it. Be aware that Aerons come in 3 different sizes, two different finishes (plastic or metal) and various levels of functionality (tilt, lumbar support etc)…….I’d go for the “fully loaded” option.

Second hand prices are vastly cheaper than new but may have been impacted by many people needing to work from home at the moment. As far as I’m concerned, the Aeron is the best office chair you can get.

Herman Miller do others as well so have a look around.

Another decent manufacturer is Humanscale and their offerings are somewhat cheaper but also worth consideration.

Hope this helps.

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