Ok so I’ve thrown out my back it it happens many time with simplest taste. My back problems consist of my pelvis being pushed over to the right causing my spine to be pulled down and slightly twisted. And I know pregnancy itself causes the back stress from the weight so my question is would it be safe for myself to become pregnant considering while sitting and bending over to get something and sitting up can throw out my back easily or if I sleep the wrong way can as Well. I’ve asked one other person that refused to give me an answer about being pregnant if it’s ok to do or not. I don’t have money to pay for an answer either so hope this is free to ask


It will probably be safe for you to be pregnant but you may experience more back problems or pain due to it.

Then again, I’ve known back pain to resolve during pregnancy.

The only way you will know is to become pregnant!

Sorry I can’t give you any more guidance.


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