Back, hip and neck discomfort

Hi, I have suffered with pain and discomfort in my back, neck and right hip for 4.5 years following an accident. My history is as follows: I had an accident in May 2016 and broke my left ankle and have a metal plate on my fib bone. When I fell I landed on my right hip and it has never been right since. I also fell when I was in hospital (I was on crutches following surgery on my ankle), I landed on the base of my spine and again that has never been right. When I broke my ankle I damaged my ligaments and was non weight bearing for 4-5 months! I had an x-ray on my spine about 3 years ago and they found that I have a bulging disc at T9-T10 (I believe), and that there was a ‘lot of inflammation at the base of my spine’. They recommended physio which I did a couple of times, but the pain is always there and has never really gone. I also had a gait analysis as my balance is very bad since the accident as well as having flat feet and they found that my hips and pelvis are not aligned properly. I am a PA so I sit at a desk all day so not very active and even more so since covid/lockdown (I have been working from home since March 2020). I was swimming a lot before lockdown and then started this again just before Christmas before we went into Tier 4 then lockdown. I absolutely love swimming and find this helps so I will pick this up again once everything is open. I have tried to re introduce home exercises like cycling on my spin bike and a walking on the spot class from YouTube, but the pain I get down my right leg from my hip is excruciating! I also have problems with my groin area which I think is caused by my hip pain and sometimes I get a pinching sensation like a trapped nerve. I caught it a few weeks before Christmas and couldn’t actually walk for a couple of days. My nephew has been to see a chiropractor before and highly recommends them. I have to be honest I have always been scared of chiropractors so feel a bit anxious, sorry. Sorry for the long winded message, I guess I need to come in for a consultation (if we can at the moment?) but just wanted to see if you think you could help after reading my history? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Tracey.

Hello Tracey.

You have a lot going on there! It’s likely that we can help but I obviously can’t say how much since I haven’t examined you.

We are used to seeing anxious patients. Rest assure that we don’t do anything to you that you aren’t happy about. The patient is in control of their treatment and we can modify what we do according to each patients comfort and stress levels. We encourage our patients to ask questions about their condition and treatment so that they are a happy and active participant in their healing process.

If you have any more preliminary questions you can always have a ‘free chat’ with a chiropractor here. Or you can simply book in as a ‘new patient’ which would entail a case history, examination and treatment-as long as you don’t need xrays (most people don’t).

Why don’t you give reception a ring on 02083015859 and have a chat with them about booking in with one of us at the clinic?

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