Hi, I’ve been under a podiatrist/Rheumatologist for over a year now. I’ve suffered predominantly with sore inflamed feet which the podiatrist felt was arthritis. After several X-rays, scans blood tests etc they have found i’m CRP positive but rheumatoid factor negative and they feel the feet are due to bursitis/mechanical issues more than arthritis . I’ve had several steroid injections , orthotics made but still am suffering. They sat in not a typical case of someone with rheumatoid arthritis so are monitor me. The inflammation has moved to the back of foot (Achilles area now which is very painful). Feeling very frustrated as I’m very active but this is causing me lots of stress/pain. I’m not sure if you can help as I’m wondering if I have posture issues which cause me the mechanical issues in feet? Thanks in advance.

We can certainly take a look at your posture with regards to any possible mechanical issues in your feet but my initial suspicion is that you have either a mechanical condition/problem mainly arising from your feet or some sort of inflammatory arthropathy that is as yet undiagnosed.

Do you get any other joint pains or eye problems?

Have you been assessed for Reiter’s syndrome or ankylosing spondylitis?


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  1. I have been assessed for several things but I’ve not heard them mentioning those conditions? I have had other aches and pains on and off but have been going through a big house extension which has been stressful with lots of heavy lifting etc . I’m trying to let things settle before revisiting the Rheumatologist to get a better picture of what are physical aches or possibly RA developing (They don’t feel I’m a typical presentation of someone with RA but said maybe at some point starting on RA medication to see what happens, but I don’t want to do this lightly as they are quite strong/life changing drugs). As mentioned, they believe the feet are more mechanical /bursitis (not RA) , but it’s understandings what I can do to help this and why it’s happening? I have regular eye tests and the only thing I have sometimes is dry eyes/pinguecula (sun damage). Thinking of going back to GP as I feel so frustrated with it but not sure what way to turn next ? Thank you

    1. If you are local to Bexleyheath then I’d suggest you book yourself into my clinic for a ‘free chat’ with me. If you aren’t local then research both of the above conditions and see if either could apply to you based on any other symptoms you may have.

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