Chiropractic adjustment

Hello Kris, I was wondering how much a chiropractic adjustment is, i have recently gone back to the gym and from working retail I feel stiff and I don’t have the fluidity of movement i once had. However I am doing yoga and after losing 3 stone and trying to reach my goal of 15 stone I just don’t have the movement i once had. I would really like to be more active and feel sluggish due to the body not being as it once was. i used to be very flexible but lost the mobility as I said, I was hoping to book a session with beginning consultation. Hope to hear from you soon KInd regards Kuzey Ilcen

Hello Kuzey,

I’m sure that we can help you with your flexibility and mobility.

I’d suggest that you give our reception team a ring and have a chat with them about costs and avaliability.

Our phone number is 02083015859.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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