chiropractor for hiatus hernia/reflux

Hi, I have had a hiatus hernia and acid reflux for 4 years now. I’ve been admitted to hospital many times with severe chest pains. I’m currently taking ormeprazole, ranitidine, gaviscon and Co codamol for the pain. I’ve tried almost all meds but I’m still getting pain. Is chiropractor or acupuncture worth a go? Thanks


Some chiropractors (myself included) have a manual therapy technique that can usually reduce the hernia and give the patient relief from it’s symptoms until it herniates again.

A long term solution would be to look into having keyhole surgery to ‘fix’ the problem for good.

The surgery is not without risks and you should discuss those with the surgeon but if your life is being drastically affected by this, I’d give it serious consideration rather than looking to chiropractic for temporary relief.


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