Headache / scalp pain


I was wondering if you be able to help me I have been going to the doctor for over a year now due to headaches, scalp pain, neck problems I hear a lot of grinding and clicking when moving my neck also sometime in upper back.
I have had a ct, Mri scan and nothing been shown also a x ray on my neck and I can’t explain how many blood test.
I’m currently on amtripline to help my headaches but it does at all help with my scalp pain as there is nothing on my scalp it’s very frustrating as I can’t treat it.
Do you think you could help I hope do 🙂
Thank you

Hello Sarah,

That sounds like something that we can treat. It’s not uncommon for neck problems to lead to muscle tightness which then produce headaches and scalp pain.

Treatment here should ‘free up’ the joints in your neck, relax your muscles and then reduce or eliminate your other symptoms-getting you off the drugs!

Give us a ring and we’ll book you in for an assesment.


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