hiatal hernia manipulation technique

Hi, is it worth coming from London down to you to show me the manipulation/physical therapy technique that I can perform on a regular basis to keep my hiatal hernia under control?

From what I’ve read, keyhole surgery (fundoplication) is not always effective.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you,


Hello Renata,

I don’t know if it’s worth you coming to the clinic because I don’t know where you are coming from! There may be someone closer to you who can help.

I can tell you that the technique needs to be performed by another person as you can’t do it to yourself.

I’m happy to show someone else that you bring with you how to do it as it’s simple enough to do (but it isn’t always successful even when I do it).

Have a think about it. Feel free to give us a ring.

Tonbridge Chiropractors: 01732 304 130

Bexleyheath Chiropractic Clinic: 020 8301 5859


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