Hiatus hernia

Hi I am a 45 year old female who was diagnosed with a 2cm hiatus hernia at Christmas. I have been on Ppi’s for 5 months but have been off them for 10 weeks now. I am convinced that my hernia was caused by an exercise manoeuvre that I made which left me in pain in my central chest for a couple of hours!?!s it possible to gentle pull the hernia back into it’s normal place? I am of slim build, eat healthily and believe that if this were performed there’s no reason for it to pop back into oesophogus… may just be wishful thinking🤔 !,, Any advice really appreciated. Many Thanks, Karene

Hello Karene,

I do occasionally use a manual therapy technique to try to reduce the hernia. It’s not a chiropractic maneuver but it often works.

Definitely worth a try!


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