Hiatus hernia

Hello Chris I am a 60 year old lady with diagnosed hiatus hernia for around 5 years now. I am interested in working to overcome this by holistic means and the help of a chiropractor is this possible at my age and is there chiropractics or holistic help that I can get in touch with to help me in Scotland. I would be very happy and obliged if you could advice me as I don’t know we’re to turn. My doctor has me on lansprozol 30mg. Thank you.


Sorry to hear about your problem! There are manual therapy techniques that can reduce the hernia. They aren’t always effective but when they are, the effect can be instant (but obviously not permanent).

I suggest that you ring round the chiropractic and osteopathic clinics in your area and ask if any of their practitioners know of them.

In the meantime I’d suggest you raise the head end of your bed up on a brick or two under each leg, eat small meals, limit alcohol and caffeine etc as all this can help with the symptoms of a hiatus hernia.



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