hiatus hernia manipulation by chiropractic therapy

hi kris, I have been suffering with a sliding hiatus hernai for a number of years now since being diagnosed after having endoscopy back in 2015, I was told to take 40mg a day of omeprezole and told to discontinue if I felt I could. I did that for 6months and the pain settled until now. I’m suffering back aching around the upper abdominal stomach which radiates all around in the lower back. I have research chiropractic manipulation online but only come across chiropractors that seem to specialise in this technique all in the states(American). I was wondering if you have any knowledge about this or know of anybody that you could put me in contact with. Thank-you I look forward to your response. Mark Goldstein.

Hi Mark,

I know a manual therapy technique that can help with a hiatus hernia.

My clinic phone number is 020883015859.

email is enquiries@bexleyheath-chiropractic.co.uk

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