Hunchback/back pain

Hi I’m 29 years old and as far as I can remember I have had a hunchback my mother has it so don’t know if it runs in my family or my mother just wasn’t strict another with my posture but its being to irate me now and would like to see if we can do anything about it ideally make it go away but …. and also lower back pain I had a fall down the stairs at work a couple years ago and gets painful if moving and bending down to much also it doesn’t help me being  over weight but that’s my problem do u have a price of how much it would be to see me and sort it out ? Kind regards


It’s probably best if you give our reception a ring on 02083015859 and they can give you a run down of our prices.

I’d be happy to see you for a brief ‘free chat’ – ask reception for one- where I could explain what would happen and what you could except from the treatment.


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