Should I see a chiropractor?

So 2 years ago I had an injury where I was playing rugby and someone fell on my right leg push the knee inwards where it dislocated and relocated creating a load popping noise and causing my bones to smash together when going back in place, this inflamed my cartilage on both sides of my knee and made me unable to walk on it or else it gave way. I recently found out that my ankle would fall inwards when i ran and because of this problem I have in my knee. I say I have because if i dont wear shoes that support my ankle then it causes me pain on the inside of my knee facing inwards when running. So I was wondering if I should see a chiropractor to see if it could help me with my problems.

Hello Kasra,

A chiropractor should be able to evaluate and probably treat your injury. Some would be more confidant and better at that kind of thing than others so I’d ring the clinic that you are considering going to and ask them if they have a chiro there who is happy to look at your type of problem.

You need your entire kinematic chain looked at from the ground up in order to get the best chance of improvement with the treatment.

Good luck!


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