I think I might have sciatica :(

Hey, I’m 14 years old and I’ve been feeling pain shoot down my left leg, usually my lower back clicks and stuff without me even trying and it never hurted until it stopped clicking and now all I feel is pain in my lower back going all the way down into my foot and my leg tingles. My dad doesn’t want to take me to the chiropractor because he thinks it will be too much money, what can I do?


Based on your description of the symptoms, you have an irritated nerve in your low back (possibly L5 or S1 nerve roots).

You need an examination to determine what’s going on and if you can’t get to see a chiro then why not go and see your GP?

You could also see if your nearest chiro will see you for a free chat, like I do. If they do, take your dad along as well (which you probably will have to do anyway)……he might then change his mind after meeting the chiropractor!


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