Lower back pain

Hi I’m 20 years old Male. I have been having lower back pain for about 2 years now. I wanted to receive some help in resolving the issue. I’m quite active, I got to the gym daily and lift weights as well as road cycle 2 hours a day. My lower back hurts a lot of cycling and generally sometimes when I’m standing for too long it hurts as well. My posture is very poor I’m 6 feet tall. Sometimes when I’m travelling in a car as a passenger my lower back hurts a lot. It’s very extreme pain and I feel like I need to lay down to fix it. It’s lower back and the lower back muscle on the left or right side. Please let me know if it’s something that you might be able to help resolve with and the pricing of the treatment

Hello. That all sounds treatable with a combination of chiropractic, posture advice and exercises. WQhy don’t you give the clinic a ring on 020832015859 and they will be able to run through prices and appointment times with you?


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