MRI after whiplash

I was recently in a minor rear-end accident where I got whiplash. This injury is of extra concern to me since I already have 4 bulged discs in my Cervical and Upper Thoracic spine (C5-6, T2-4).

I have extra pain following the accident in my upper back, so am pushing to get an MRI. My question is, what area of the spine should I get the imaging on? I know that there is risk of Cervical disc damage from whiplash, but is there also risk of Thoracic disc damage from whiplash?

Sorry to hear about your accident!

Since you have pain in the upper back I’d say that you probably should get a Thoracic MRI but since you’ve had a ‘whiplash’ injury, a Cervical MRI is also appropriate.

It’s possible that you could simply obtain a Cervical MRI that extends down to the painful area.

If I was in your shoes I’d get someone like myself to examine you and then give you a better informed opinion about this though.


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