Muffled Ears & Stiff/Popping Jaw

Hello, I have been suffering with muffled ears since late 2019 (like i’ve gone through a tunnel/on an aeroplane and my ears need to pop) & i’m wondering if getting them popped by a chiropractor will be effective in helping relieve this. I am a singer & feel like i’m not hearing myself/the notes properly. With this I have also been suffering with a jaw issue since mid 2020, where it hurts on my right side and feels stiff, some days are worse than others and sometimes I cannot open my mouth very far, then when I push it a bit far (yawning/eating) it will pop & sometimes crunch for a while afterwards. Could this be solved by visiting a chiropractor? Thanks, Kye M.

Hi Kye,

I might be able to help you with all that. It would probably be a mix of chiropractic, manual therapy techniques, dietary advice and manual lynmph drainage.

Give us a ring on 02083015859 and ask to see me. I’m pretty busy but will have a slot in the next 3-4 weeks.


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