Niggling Ham String


I have developed a niggling ham string injury. It does not stop me running or alter
my running gait. I am aware of the ham string from mile 1 of a run and at about mile 10 I feel like I should stop in case something gives. I’ve been doing various stretches but they haven’t improved the problem. The ham string feels generally tight most of the time going up and into my left buttock. Any suggestions?
Thanks. Adrian

Hello Adrian,

Various thoughts come to mind:

You may find that getting the hams trigger pointed or massaged a few time does the trick as stretching is obviously not enough.

It may be that the hams are being affected by a sacro-iliac joint problem in which case that needs clearing up in order to resolve the hams symptoms.

It’s possible that you are developing a S1 nerve root injury which can present as a hamstring pattern of injury initially.

Or it could be something else that comes to light on examination.

Give your closest chiropractor a ring and discuss having this looked at by them.

When you get it resolved, please let me know what it was!


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