Pain in my back in, hip girdle and legs

Good evening, I started to suffer from back pain during my pregnancy and after delivery it became worse. More than 10 months ago I gave birth. I feel very stiff, my lower back hurts very bad after a training or holding my baby too long. My pelvic girdle starts to hurt when I am getting closer to my period or just randomly and this pain goes through my right leg. Could you please give me an advice? If I need treatment how much would it cost? Thank you, I am looking forward to your answer. Kind regards, Szabina Herrera-Bardi

Hello Szabina,

I recommend that you book yourself in as a new patient (give us a ring on 02083015859).

We are open to see patients who are in pain/urgent cases at the moment.

Currently we charge £68 for the initial consultation and £40 per treatment.

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