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I have THE worst pain on the top of my spine. I don’t know whether to say It’s my neck or my back because it’s exactly where they meet. It hurts to sit down the most. I tried to keep my back as straight as possible. But it feels like bone on bone after a while. There is some visible swelling. I went to the chiropractor and he didn’t seem to notice anything wrong he just said it could be from sitting for too long which I know could be the case but I know there is something else wrong. He cracked my back and rub some CBD topical cream on the problem area and it felt better for about an hour. They were very persistent and me making another appointment very soon. I don’t feel like they did anything for me for this visit and I’m reluctant to make another appointment he checked to see if my body was misaligned and asked where I had some pain cracked my back on the table and sent me home. I’m still laying in bed with excruciating pain and no advice on how to relieve the pain or what I should be doing to help it heal. I want to know do you think these are unprofessionals just trying to book appointments or does this seem routine to you?
Also, from the information I’ve given you could you possibly tell me what you think is wrong and what I can do to heal this?


I’m sorry you are in so much discomfort.

It’s quite normal for a chiropractor (and osteopath/physio) to need to see a patient more than once as most conditions require a course of treatment to settle them down.

So, no, they aren’t being unprofessional in trying to book you another appointment after the initial treatment-quite the opposite!

We are treating the cause of the pain rather than the pain itself so you shouldn’t expect instant relief-even though you did get a hour or so-which shows that the chiropractor is probably treating theĀ  right area in the right way.

I’m sorry but I can’t tell you what’s wrong as I haven’t got enough to go on here and I haven’t examined you myself either.

My advice is to go back to the chiro you saw and get more treatment. If there is anything you want to know (such as home exercises etc) be sure to ask them!


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