Popping in lower back, numb left leg randomly

i get numbness in left top area of leg that comes and goes randomly, also on the right it feels like a bone sometimes pops out of place in my hip near where the spine attaches, hard to descripe. I have had it happen sitting or standing or outstretching my arm once or twice, i get tingling in hands too occasionally. Im most concerned about what feels like a vertebre popping out of place and whn it happens i feel intense pain and am aching for a bit. I am 45 years old. I had a motorbike crash in 2015 which shattered my left collarbone in 6 pieces and fractured both sides of my ribs. i felt ok though until last year, i sit a lot infront of the computer for work. I try and cycle once a week and walk as much as i can. thank you. John

Hi John,

If you are asking me what you should do about your symptoms I’d say that you should go and see a chiropractor and get properly examined so that you can get an accurate diagnosis.

With a history like yours the chiro will probably need xrays (or MRIs) of your spine in order to aid in diagnosis and safe treatment.

Why don’t you ring up your closest chiro clinic and have a chat with them?


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