Pregnancy alignment

Hi there I had a bad fall off my horse about a year ago and landed on my pelvis, with the horse also falling on me. I went a&e but they didn’t even want to see me as they said they can’t xray so said to just take painkillers. I still get aches and pains around my pelvis but nothing unmanageable. I am 20 weeks pregnant and worried that the bigger I get the more pressure it may have on my pelvis, but also want to ensure I’m aligned and supporting the pregnancy but also getting ready for labour if any adjustments or support is needed. Is this something you can help with? Thank you


Yes, I’d be happy to check your pelvis (sacro-iliac joints/symphysis pubis/associated muscles & ligaments).

Our number is 02083015859. Please give reception a ring and they can book you an appointment.


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