I have back pain which is also affecting both legs down to my toes, groin, shoulder and also joint pain in my arms. I have assumed this to be sciatica and unsure if its all linked or whether Im just getting old (I am 55yrs of age). If i sit for any length of time I cant straighten up for a few minutes and the pain is intense. Can you advise if you could help with this or do I need to see a doctor first?


You don’t need to see a GP first as we are ‘primary health care practitioners’ and as such, qualified to diagnose conditions without needing input from doctors.

Whether we can help you with your problems depends on what is causing them so one of us would need to get a detailed case history and examine you first.

You could always book yourself in for a ‘free chat’ as we might be able to get an idea of what’s going on from that.


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