Sciatica nerve damage

Hi, I have suffered with sciatica for 18 months and have never really found a relief or fix. The pay 3 months has resulted in severe pain causing distress and discomfort. I have had 7 acupuncture sessions which has not seemed to have improved anything. Hospital have referred physio which also has not seemed to have helped and now resulting in taking strong painkillers. What would you recommend as a treatment? I have also never had an X-ray

Hello, sorry for your predicament!

We would have to take a case history and perform a thorough examination to determine the cause of your symptoms and the best treatment for them.

X-rays aren’t generally recommended for sciatic type symptoms so if you did need imaging (most people don’t) then an MRI would probably be best.

Our number is 02083015859 if you would like to take this further.


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