serola belt

hello Kris

Question for you, I’ve suffered SI joint pain for the last 7 years, it started on the right and now its on both sides, been going to a physio and she says its down to muscle tightness in the lower back, glutes hamstrings, I was thinking of getting a serola sacroiliac belt to relieve the pain, there are some great reviews on it, apparently its helped quite alot of people, pain has actually affected my everyday life, let me know what you think


It looks like a nice belt and would probably stabilise your sacro iliac joints but seems a little pricey.

My other thoughts are that you may not need a stabilising belt, you may have SI pain because your joints are too stiff (hypomobile) in which case they need manipulation to ‘free them up’.

Decent treatment usually negates the need for a SI belt anyway!

Have a chat with your physio and see what she thinks.


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