Sharp Pains/long-term neck pain

I’m experiencing sharp pains in my lower back on the left side near my tailbone. The pain goes through down to the area of my leg right below my buttock. What do you think that could be, and how should I treat it? I am also experiencing significant pain in my neck on the left side, making turning my head in that direction a bit difficult. I have had this neck pain for about 2 weeks now, and it hasn’t gone away. It has gotten duller, but is still present. How should I treat this?


Without any more information about you than what you’ve written above, the buttock/leg pain could be any number of things!

Piriformis muscle tightness, early stage sciatica, sacro iliac joint dysfunction……the list goes on.

The neck pain is probably due to a tightened left side upper trapezius muscle.

If I were you I’d get this all looked at by a chiropractor. You’ll get a proper diagnosis and you can then take it from there !


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