Shoulder Pain

I am a milkman by trade and work 6 days a week. About a week ago I had a sharp pain travel through my right shoulder and down the same arm. Throughout the week the pain comes and goes, it can resonate from my upper pectoral muscle and go down my arm to the bicep or start and my trapezius muscle and travel through the middle of my shoulder and down to my bicep. I don’t get any loss of use of the arm, when I pick things up they just feel a little heavier than normal. Is there any remedy for this?

Kind Regards


Hello Rob,

Chiropractic can often help with shoulder pain. Obviously we’d have to take a case history and examine you to get a better idea of what’s going on exactly. It will probably be a mixture of hypomobile joints in the thoracic spine/ribs and neck with some muscle tightness which can become a vicious circle of restricted movement and muscle spasm.

I suggest that you have a chat with your nearest chiropractor and see if they are happy treating shoulder problems (which we usually are!)


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