Snapping Hip Syndrome

Hi Kris, wonder if you can assist with snapping hip syndrome. Work for an NHS Ambulance service and so have spoken about it with some of my paramedic colleagues and the symptoms I’m feeling alongside the research I have undertaken all points directly towards one of the three versions of SHS. Pain in and around my left lumbar triangle, radiating into my groin, buttock and thigh, around a 4/10 score discomfort but not pain. Upon hip tension, flexion and release a loud enough popping audible heard from the area alongside a sharp jolt. No paresthesia noted. paracetamol taken when the pain goes above 6/10 or if I’m struggling to sleep, and if too much I’m taking co-codamol 30’s. I’m into my HIIT workouts, circuit training and more recently, ( < 3 months ) cycling, but I’m struggling to get distances because of the pain starting after a short time frame, wondering if it’s to do with this SHS? Cheers

Hello, interesting case! We’d take a detailed case history, perform a thorough examination and then probably start a trial course of treatment to see if we can settle things down for you. We’d also be looking at what caused this in the first place to try to prevent relapse.

Clinic number is 02083015859. Please give reception a ring and they can book you an appointment.


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