Sore ribs and neck

Hi At the beginning of January I had a sinus infection sore neck which led to swollen ribs in my right chest and right side, dr said it was pulled muscles and trapped nerve which would go away. The pain has gone but they are still swollen I also have a sinus infection and feels like a trapped nerve from neck to right hip as have tingling feeling and sore neck, is this something you can treat? I have had Covid since then and the Covid vaccine.


Hello, you are having a hard time!

I’d really need to do a detailed examination after a in depth case history before I could say if you could be helped or not.

There are simply too many questions raised by your description of what you have going on for me to give you a concrete answer.

Why don’t you give the clinic a ring on 02083015859 and book yourself in as a new patient or even just as a ‘free chat’ so that one of us can get a better idea as to what might be going on.


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