steroid injection

Hi there, I’ve had an MRI at BMI Blackheath hospital and they have told me that I have an annular fissure in my lower L5 S1. I have had as series of Physio appointments and one option that has been discussed is a steroid injection to reduce the high level of pain that I am currently experiencing. The BMI have suggested that it can be done for somewhere in the region of £1400-£1500 including a consultancy fee. Do you arrange such treatment and if so, what is short term availability and cost implications please? Many thanks indeed. Rob.

Hello Rob. Sorry to hear about your predicament!

Chiropractors tend not to arrange steroid injections as we use spinal manipulation, exercises and postural work to treat disk injuries.

If the chiropractic treatment doesn’t work then we discuss other treatment options with the patient such as injections or surgery but recommend that they talk to their consultant about those.

I’m sorry I can’t help you with this but I’m happy to see you  in the Bexleyheath clinic to assess you for treatment suitability there.

Good luck with what you decide to do!



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