Stiff neck and frequent headaches

I clicked my neck Yesterday – as I do a lot. But it was really painful and now my neck is stiff down the left side. I don’t have full movement in my neck and my head is tilted to the right side. Also I noticed that my shoulders are very unaligned as well. It really hurts when I put strain on my neck, like if I’m trying to sit up. I also suffer with headaches almost every day, some days worse. I click my neck and back a lot throughout the day. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea or not. I wonder if I should see a chiropractor about my neck, incase my headaches could, in some way, be linked to any pressure down the neck/spine.I’ve had a stiff neck once before but it went away after a few days, however, that time my head was locked straight unlike now, its at an angle. Ive also been to a doctor about my headaches before – he just asked me some questions and said it was stress but they have continued even after i have done stress relieving things. I am not taking any medication. I have taken paracetamol to try and relieve my neck pain but nothing happened. I took 1 co-codamol last night and it eased the pain a bit. It feels like an aching, stiffness on the left side of my neck, but it’s also causing the back of my neck to ache as well. Thank you.



This sounds like a typical case of spinal joint movement problems (some are hypermobile and others probably hypomobile) with associated muscle spasms.

A chiropractor would probably be able to help you sort it out but will need to take a case history and examine you thoroughly first.

Find someone nearby and give them a go!


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