TMJD treatment?

Hello, I suffer with teeth grinding and have TMJ dysfunction. I end up with a stiff jaw stiff neck and stiff shoulders every morning when I wake up and throughout the day.
Can you do anything to help with that?
I also have a sprained ankle which isn’t sorting itself out and tendinitis in the supscapularis (again) on the right shoulder.
Can you do anything for that?
And how much do you charge per session please?

Hi Vicky,

We may well be able to help you with the problems you’re describing.

Obviously, you would need to be examined thoroughly and that initial visit would be 60.

After that each treatment would be 37. I’ve no idea how many treatments you would need as I haven’t examined you.

We do treatment discounts and occasionally have half price initial visit vouchers on our website or in the local press.


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