Dear Kris I havent felt two of my finger,in my left hand for a month and every night start to pain and at least two days ago my hand swollen. Hospital they said i have got neurological nerve inflammation. I would like the know u can help me in this problem or have to find another possibility.Thank you so mutch.Best regards.Balazs Szeifrid

Hi Balazs,

It’s sounds like you have nerve irritation somewhere between your neck and your wrist. This can be due to things like a ‘slipped disk’ in your neck, thoracic outlet syndrome or there are various sites along the arm where a nerve can get ‘trapped’.

Without more information about how the problem started, exactly which fingers are involved and some information about yourself (age etc) I can’t really give you any more information.

It’s probably best if you book yourself in for a free chat so that we can get a little more info about this and advise you better.

Give us a ring on 020 8301 5859



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