Hello am a 38 year old female suffering with lower back and hip ache recent x ray showed the hip to be fine and only mild degeneration in facet joints it also said on the report reversal of lumbar lordosis is noted. I am waiting for a course of injections however I am wondering if a chiropractor would be of help Thank you in advance


I think that chiropractic would definitely help. The reversal of your lumbar lordosis is probably due to muscle spasm and spinal manipulation is usually very good at settling that down.

Facet joint ‘degeneration’ generally leads to reduced mobility at those joints and manipulation will help with that as well.

Obviously, I’d have to go through your medical history and examine you before I decide whether or not to treat your problems but I’m confident (from what you’ve said) that chiropractic is definitely the way to go!

Give us a ring and we’ll book you in to have a look!



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